Movies that are so crap…they’re good!

Dude where’s my car
The basic storyline for this film is: boys get drunk, wake up, cant find car, look for car, find car. Along the way they find two angry girlfriends, aggressive ostriches, a giant lady, an alien cult, and a transsexual stripper. It should be rubbish. However it’s pure crassness makes it brilliant. All the high brow film reviewers hated it. Which just makes me love it that little bit more 🙂
Rat Race

Rat Race brings together some of the best comedic actors in a race across America to win a million pounds. Whoopie Goldberg, Cuba Gooding Jr, John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson all star in this slapstick comedy that doesn’t attempt to be Oscar winning. The mixture of stories across the race keep you hooked and the laughs come fast and often. It’s not a serious film or one that really makes you think, but it is a perfect film to put on on a Sunday afternoon for a giggle.

Princess Bride
This film has the perfect ingredients of a great cheesy film: romance, action, humour….and Rodents of Unusual Size. The film revolves around a princess, who is kidnapped by an evil midget, a giant, and a Spanish swordsman. Her love chases across the land, fighting rodents of unusual size, deadly poisons, and the pit of despair to save her. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but with stars including Peter Cook, Mel Smith and Billy Crystle, this is one classic cheap and cheerful film that has to be watched.

Johnny Depp has an awful accent in this film. He’s going for Irish…but missing the target. But we can overlook this because, basically, he looks bloody gorgeous in this film. This whole film is gorgeous in fact, from the delicious looking chocolates to the stunning french village and amazing costumes. I would love to dress like Juliette Binoche does in this film. Unfortunately, in London, I would look like a pretentious plonker. But a girl can dream…

Snakes on a Plane

The most famous crap but brilliant film, the producers of this film realised it was crap early on. So they got Samuel L Jackson on the PR trail, promoting the fact that it was an appalling film with a rubbish storyline, and has lots of random characters who make no sense to the storyline. But it’s bloody funny. The toilet based scenes make you squirm then laugh, and the lines are cheesier than a chunk of Brie. Samuel L Jackson, who brings a bit of cool to every film, was a good choice for this film. This film is like a McDonald’s value meal, a cheap and guilty pleasure.


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