Top 10 UK Big Brother Contestants

It’s that time of year again, when Friday nights are relegated to the sofa, watching a show that increasingly pushes the boundary of ‘reality TV’. Big Brother is now into its tenth year, and in celebration of this (!) I give you a list of the top 10 Big Brother contestants.

1) Jade Goody

Arguably the most successful and well known Big Brother contestant, Jade Goody took party in the third series of Big Brother entertaining viewers with her severe lack of general knowledge, believing East Anglia to be abroad, and for stripping off during a card game.

Upon leaving Big Brother, Jade became a regular in magazines such as OK! and Heat, and starred in her own reality TV show. Jade also oversaw a business empire covering areas such as a beauty spa, her fragrance Shh…and her autobiography.

Unfortunately Jade lost her fight this year on the 22nd March to cervical cancer. During her fight against the disease, she raised a huge amount of money and awareness against cervical cancer, and MP’s are now reconsidering the NHS bill for the minimum age for cervical smears.

2) Nadia Almada
Born Jorge Leodoro, Nadia was Big Brother’s first transexual contestant. Entering the house in 2004 in series 5, Nadia went on to win the show with 74% of the vote, achieving the acceptance she craved. Nadia kept her sex change a secret throughout the show, despite some of her fellow contestants having their suspicions (occasionally not the most convincing woman…)

Since Big Brother, Nadia has attempted a singing career (remember ‘A little bit of action’? no? didn’t think so…) and has appeared in a couple of reality TV shows and panel shows.

3) Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

Best known for her saying “you better know yourself”, Aisleyne was a late entry to Big Brother 7, emerging from a giant package in the garden. Aisleyne immediately became embroiled in feuds with both Nikki Grahame and Grace Adams-Short. Surprisingly she came in third place.

Since the show, Aisleyne has done modelling for various magazines (Nuts, Zoo…you get the picture) done guest appearances in several shows, dated a variety of football players, and appeared in Snog Marry Avoid?

4) Brian Belo
Winner of the 8th series of Big Brother, Brian is blessed with the same skill as Helen and Jade from previous series, the ability to be hilarious through a complete lack of IQ, in particular with his complete ignorance to who William Shakespeare was. Luckily he charmed the viewers round with his naivety, and a possible romance with one of the twins.

Since the show Brian has done various guest appearances, most recently on the Big Brother Big Quiz.

5) Nikki Grahame
Possibly the most annoying big brother contestant of all time, Nikki took part in Big Brother 7, and proceeded to spend the entire time screeching, throwing tantrums, and clinging onto Tourettes suffering Pete like a horny Jack Russell. Her romance with Pete won her some votes with the viewers, and was given a second chance to re-enter the house several weeks after being evicted. She finally finished 5th in the series.

Since Big Brother Nikki has appeared in her own show, Princess Nikki, various personal and guest appearances, and is now writing a book about her previous battle with anorexia.

6) Chanelle Hayes
Look up the term bunny boiler in the dictionary and you may well find a photo of Chanelle Hayes. A contestant in series 8, Chanelle was a fan of hysterics and Ziggy Lichman, as well as modelling herself on Victoria Beckham.

Since the show, Chanelle has graced the covers of OK! on various occasions, struck up a friendship with Celebrity Big Brother contestant Chantelle Houghton. She also makes various appearances as a Beckham impersonator and dates various footballers.

7) Charley Uchea

Charley Uchea, a self styled ‘IT girl’ was a contestant in series 8, and arch enemy to Chanelle Hayes. Previously working as a lapdancer in Stringfellows, and cousin to Sunderland footballer Kieran Richardson (???) Charley burst into the house. Charley spent most of her stay in the Big Brother house shouting and threatening the others and winning enemies.

Since the show, Charley has been on a variety of shows, including 8 out of 10 cats, where she walked out when she became the butt of all the jokes.

8) Kemal Shahin

Kemal was the first cross dressing, Indian wedding dress wearing contestant to enter the Big Brother house, during series 6. Housemate Derek summed Kemal up fairly perfectly with the comment “There’s more mince in that walk then in the fridge”.

Since the show Kemal has had a makeover with Now magazine, starred in pantomime, and has become a notable figure in fashion, even becoming a judge for some of the Miss Universe UK contests.

9) Nick Bateman

The original ‘Mr Nasty’, Nick Bateman appeared in the 1st series of Big Brother, and was asked to leave after 30 days after his manipulative voting plan was discovered by the other housemates. Ironically at the time Nick was the most popular housemate.

Since the show Nick has appeared on a variety of TV shows, and is now editor of The Good Holiday magazine, and the Fulham FC official website.

10) Pete Bennett
Pete made history by becoming the first contestant with Tourettes to enter the house, in series 7. Pete’s appearance bought the illness to the attention of the general public, improving awareness and understanding of it. Pete was very popular with all the ladies in the house.

Unfortunately he then decided to strike up a romance with Nikki Grahame…

Since the show Pete has released an autobiography, performed with his band Daddy Fantastic, and performed at Glastonbury.

So that’s some of the previous contestants. Rumours are this year that the majority of new contestants are young, single, and hot…three guesses what the producers want to happen there…


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