Come Dine with me mistakes…

Sunday evenings are made for a glass of wine, pj’s, and Come Dine with me. 5 strangers cook a meal each night, competing to win a prize of £1000, whilst Dave Lamb narrates exactly what we’re thinking with sarcastic charm.

Without fail, the contestants/guests make the exact same mistakes every time. See if you can spot these next time it’s on…

> Host cooking a dish they’ve never ever cooked before…

> …then only allowing half the expected time to make it

> Host brings in embarrassing entertainment…

>….who proceeds to sing/dance/perform magic tricks with complete disregard for personal space

> Host/Guest gets completely rat arsed…

> ….or in a recent episode, have a drink, fall asleep and let the guests cook their own dinner.

> Host fails to hide embarrassing photos/dodgy outfits/giant sex toy….

>….guests find them. Brings it up during dinner. Awkward silence.

> Cameras follow the Host food shopping….

> ….and they always go to ‘local shops’. First time they’ve ever been there. Usually it’s Sainsbury’s.

> Bitchy older woman and younger slightly sluttier woman fall out…

>…but make up just in time for their own parties.

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