6 reasons why I wish I could dance

I can’t dance. I really wish I could, and sometimes after a few cocktails, I actually believe I can. Photo and video evidence usually prove me wrong the next morning.

So I substitute ripping up the dancefloor with watching dance movies. I like the obvious classics, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Footloose etc, but some of my favorites are in the less obvious films…

1) Take The Lead

I love this scene, not least because it combines Antonio Banderas (hot older man with accent, yum!) and Salsa dancing, the sexiest dance ever. Who doesn’t want to have the ability to dance like this?

2) Honey
Who doesn’t love a decent girl-come-good storyline? I love the whole community spirit, kids dancing together for charity thing. Jessica Alba still annoys the hell out of me though.

3) American Pie 3: The Wedding

The best thing about any of the American Pie movies is Stifler. Throw in some classic 80’s tunes, some amazing camp moves, and you have a chuckle worthy dance scene.

4) Ally McBeal
Watch this, and I defy you not to want to recreate it next time you hear the Love Walrus murmur the first words of You’re the first…

5) 13 going on 30

Proof that Michael Jackson’s music will always inspire people to jump on the dancefloor.

6) She’s all that

Remember this film?? Girl goes geek to gorgeous? Usher as a school DJ? My favorite film of the 90’s. This dance scene was a world apart from my prom. Probably because I didn’t go to school with Paul Walker and Freddie Prince Jnr….

What’s your favorite dance scene?


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