Innovative cupcakes trends

Gone are the days when the humble cupcake consisted of a standard sponge base and a hasty spread of plain icing. In their place are mini edible works of art, ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre. Flickr usually showcases the best of these, especially the various cupcake trends. Here are a few of my favourites:

These cupcake kebabs (also known as Kebobs) are from Cupcakes take the cake. The cupcake kebab trend kicked off in the USA, and currently there are a lot of different versions on Flickr. These ones consist of mini cupcakes, chocolate cornflake cakes, and mini wafer cakes. Pretty sure these were result in a serious case of sugar overdose, but they look gorgeous.

Another popular trend at the moment is for rainbow cakes like this one (right) from alicia rae. The cakes are created by adding food colouring to several different batches of cake mixture and then adding a spoon full from each mixture into the cupcake case. Perfect cake for any 80s ravers.

These rose cupcakes (left) from clevercupcakes are amazing, the detail in the icing is so precise and there’s not a smudge in sight (unlike most of my creations..)

These are some burger cupcakes I made a few weeks back using a tweaked method from baking genius blog Bakerella. I did make some chips from cookies too, but I may have left them in the oven a little too long…

Finally, if you love cupcakes, you’ll love the trend for really massive cupcakes! Recently a couple of cupcake companies have attempted a world record for the worlds largest cupcake. In Covent Garden a couple of weeks ago, a giant one (left, image courtesy of Bitchbuzz) was presented and slices given out to the public. A cupcakery also attempted it in the Minneapolis Mall of America this week. Fancy making your own giant cupcake? Try it at home with this giant cupcake tin.


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