Budget Bedroom Makeover

When I was 14, I redecorated my room with a subtle purple paint and a silver border

Now, I’m bored and on a budget.

The basic purple walls are fine, but I think the decorations need a major update. I’m thinking posh boudoir style.

These chandelier stickers (left) from Rocket St George have exactly the kind of sophisticated boudoir look I’m going for. Without cracking my head open every time I sit up too quickly. I’d love to get these but unfortunately my ceiling is sloped so it wouldn’t really work. These (right) would be perfect though as they come in a pack of 10 so I can spread them throughout the room. Plus a pack of 10 gives me plenty of room to mess up at least 5 of the sticker applications…

Domestic Sluttery featured some amazing ‘self shelves’ (left) that I loved recently, like magical floating books. I can imagine stacking all my ‘literary classics I’ve never actually read’ books on them…and hiding my chick lit in one of these funky storage boxes from Giftmonger. Ooooh and look, there’s a similar magazine rack here! Perfect to keep my magazine whorish ways in some form of organised state.

Any other suggestions of cheap ways to update my room?

p.s I really need this in my life. Also, could someone invent something that turns the pages of my magazine or book for me? Thanks kindly.


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