500 days of Summer

On Tuesday I dragged my friend along to the large Century Fox offices in Soho Square for an early viewing of (500) days of Summer.

After seeing a tweet from Themoviejam asking for bloggers, tweeters and social networkers to come see a free showing of the film, I eagerly volunteered my services.

I’ve seen a few trailers and really fancied seeing it, admittedly to revisit a crush I had on Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a teenager.

Settling into a giant leather seat (seriously, this showing room was so plush!) I was treated to a film that was as stylish as it was sweet and funny. The film is a gorgeous mix of normal film scenes, famous movie clips, animation, and random dance scenes. The basic storyline is that boy meets girl, falls in love….but unfortunately girl doesn’t. The film takes place over the 500 days of their relationship, jumping back and forward between the days.

Zooey Deschanel (Summer) has the best wardrobe throughout this film, all vintage dresses and cute hairstyles. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom Hanson) has aged nicely, looking pretty fit throughout the film.

Fans of the film Amelie will love this film, and there’s an element of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in there with the misunderstood lead lady character. The comedy element of the film tends to come from Tom Hanson’s best friends, particularly in the various karaoke scenes.

It’s out in September and shouldn’t definitely be on your must see list!


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