Postcards from my hometown

Some of you may already be following the fashion blog of Dream Sequins, and have heard about her “Postcards from my hometown” postcard project.

The basic concept is to get everyone sending out a postcard from their hometown to two other bloggers, as a nod to the old days before e-mail/twitter/facebook etc.

For me, it brings back memories of having a penpal in France when I was 11 and wittering on about who our favourite boyzone member was (Stephen Gately, if you were wondering). Did anyone else have a penpal when they were younger?

Anyway, I love the idea and will be sending a couple of postcards to the people Dream Sequins allocates. Unfortunately for them, I live in Reading…so they’ll be getting one of these postcards.

Anyone wanting to get involved should check out her site and drop her an e-mail to get involved.


One Response to “Postcards from my hometown”

  1. nookie Says:

    Love this project,I'm in too.I live in Bucharest/Romania so I'm gonna search a bitt for some pretty postcards..

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