Twenty Five Facts

I saw La Chat Noir’s recent post on 25 (and a bit!) facts about her and was inspired to do a little set of facts about me, just in case you were interested 🙂

1) I grew up on a derelict farm where my parents started their chocolate business. I’m medical evidence that you can’t get bored of chocolate.

2) Technically, I’m ginger. I hate it when people say things like “I’d hate to have a ginger baby” around me, then justify it by saying “oh, but you’re not a real ginger person” like that’s less offensive.

3) I lost 2.5 stone 18 months ago…..then put a stone of it back on since meeting my boyfriend in December and rediscovering curry nights. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had getting fat.

4) I’m obsessed with cheese. Not the posh kind. I’m happy with run-of-the-mill supermarket cheddar. Or Babybels. Ba-ba-baa-ba-babybell.

5) I arrived at uni with 2 pairs of shoes. I then spent the vast majority of my first term buying more and living on pasta. I now have 98 pairs. Sorry taxpayers!

6) I adore napping and can fall asleep anywhere, including the rather loud and busy Rainforest cafe. I prefer to think of this in a Sleeping Beauty way, rather than a Waynetta Slob way.

7) I wish my choice of favourite film was cooler or more indie. But it’s not. It’s funny, romantic, smart and Christmassy. It’s Love, Actually.

8) Actually, generally I wish I was more arty, or musical, or kooky, or witty. Unfortunately my artistic abilities didn’t develop beyond the age of 10 and I sing like a wounded cat.

9) I’ve tried a lot of different food, and I’ve eaten Kangaroo, Alligator, Frog, Rabbit, Ox and Zebra before. Zebra is kinda awesome.

10) I’m constantly putting my foot in my mouth. You know that character from Catherine Tate who always says the wrong thing and offends someone at dinner parties? That’s me. Honestly, I don’t mean to be!

11) I physically cannot cross my eyes. I don’t have the muscle in my left eye to do it. I really wish this had a cooler name but….it’s called Duane’s Syndrome

12) I make a mean chocolate mousse cake.

13) I’m a really really bad driver. It took my 8 tests to pass. I haven’t actually had a crash for 3 years though. My boyfriend reckons the crashes happen behind me….

14) I’m 24 and I still really love More magazine. It’s all about Men Overheard

15) I have a huge crush on Jason Manford and Ricky Gervais

16) In fact, most of my crushes are a bit random. I fancied John Goodman for years. It’s the funny/cuddly factor.

17) I got 2nd degree burns on holiday when I was 17. More embarrassingly, the holiday was in Wales and it was cloudy all day. My arms looked like a couple of overcooked sausages.

18) For the first time in my life, I love my job. I’m barely scraping rent but I love editing and writing. I also love that people don’t groan now when they ask what I do for a living. Human Resources isn’t exactly interesting…

19) I always thought relationships were about sacrificing and giving up the things I loved doing like chilling out with a book or movie on my own. Now I know that it’s not sacrificing if the things you get instead make you far happier. And if you meet someone really lovely, they’ll understand if you want to do both!

20) I found my first two internships, my current job, and lots of lovely people on Twitter. I don’t want all the facebook crew to join up and ruin it 🙂

21) It’s the 24th August and I’m already excited about Christmas.

22) I’ll be getting the Christmas CD out on 1st November.

23) I’m not a massive fan of calling someone up “for a chat”. I’d rather talk to someone over dinner or drinks or online. Also, the foot in mouth issue is far worse on the phone.

24) I’m probably addicted to the Internet. I do get irritable if I can’t check my e-mail for 24 hours.

25) I hate the summer (see fact 17) and can’t wait for winter. What’s not to love? Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Year, and the vague possibility of snow!


3 Responses to “Twenty Five Facts”

  1. lachatnoir Says:

    I feel exactly the same about using the phone! Ahh Love Actually is a wonderful fim xx

  2. Daisy Says:

    Great post! Oh how I wish my parents had a chocolate business! :)xx

  3. Em Says:

    Thank you! 🙂 xxx

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