On a diet….cupcake substitutes needed

I said in my last post that I’ve had a lot of fun putting on weight since meeting my boyfriend. That’s completely true. Currently my diet and exercise regime consists of curries, Nando’s and seeing films and shows that require me to sit on my bum for hours on end. This, coupled with becoming freelance and working from home, has led to enough weight gain to make me eye my skinny jeans with distaste. Which is a bit rubbish.

So I’m back on the weightwatchers wagon and off the takeaway curries and cupcakes. *sobs* It’s been successful in the past but I’m not a fan of the weightwatchers branded cakes and snacks, which are either incredibly small or taste of cardboard. I’ve got a few secret weapons, such as Iced Gems which are only 1.5 points, and Jaffa Cakes are always a dieters best friend.

I miss baking though, and would love to hear any low fat/low point recipes that don’t taste like cardboard. Any suggestions?


3 Responses to “On a diet….cupcake substitutes needed”

  1. Being Brazen Says:

    Good luck. I totally suck at sticking to any kind of "diet"

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If you really want to lose weight, top tip is to cut out wheat and sugar. If you eat plenty of organic protein, veg and fruit, you won't feel hungry. Counting calories and points really doesn't work.

  3. Elise Says:

    Try the Harcombe Diet – it does really work. Up to 14lbs in 5 days. But it's not easy. Worth it though ! Hi, what a great post ! Thank you – it's perfect. Cool site too – cheers !

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