Decorating Dreams

Some little girls dream of their wedding day, down to every little detail. I dreamt of my first little house and how I’ll decorate it. Whilst some little girls dream of Wedding dresses and table decorations, I was dreaming about Smeg fridges and amazing wallpaper.

At the moment, the main obsession is with the wallpaper. Pretty wallpaper, flocked in particular. I have this image in my head of having some amazing lounge with a funky red sofa, and one statement wall. I kind of forget in that mental image that the pretty lounge will probably be covered in shopping bags, shoes, and magazines rather than artful coffee table books.

My recent crush on Laura Ashley has strengthened after seeing their range of wallpapers. This one of the top left is £26, and is a gorgeous vintage looking pattern. The perfect basis for some really strong coloured accessories.

This funky Tatton wallpaper is a gorgeous one for the bedroom, perfect behind an antique looking bed. It’s £26.

This Isodore wallpaper makes me feel a little bit dreamy and it’s also £26.

Think I’ve found a great storage solutions too! This gorgeous butterfly shelf is £59 from Rockett St George who do a huge range of wall stickers. Although it’s so pretty I’m not sure I’d have the heart to pile my magazines on it

I know this cocktail lamp on the left won’t go with the wallpapers or butterfly shelf…..but it’s so cute that I had to share with you! It’s £15 from

Do you have any obsessions for your dream home? Amazing kitchen? Chilled out lounge?


5 Responses to “Decorating Dreams”

  1. Serenaf66 Says:

    ooh I love the Isodore x

  2. Piney Says:

    Mmm the Tatton is amazing! There's actually a blog on stuff like this here: you might like it, I love her obsession with the tiny details in a house!! 🙂

  3. Em Says:

    Oh wow, thank you for showing me that link, it's got so much cute stuff! Between that and and I'm going to be so broke when I get a place 🙂

  4. hollieanne Says:

    Hello,Found your blog after you added me on Twitter (@holliepea) and adore it! Loving the Laura Ashley wallpaper. xx

  5. abbi Says:

    I too dream of pretty kitchenware, amazing lights and make you hurt with wanting, no needing pretty things x

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