Wonderful Week

*Warning* This post will be extremely cheerful. Bordering on smug. Sorry *Warning*

I’ve had a really lovely week this week. I generally have a glass half full attitude anyway but it’s been overflowing with good stuff recently!

First, I discovered that I’ll be writing a few times a week for shoewawa. I started reading it when I was at uni, when my shoe addiction really kicked in, so it’s really exciting for me to be writing for them. Here’s my first piece with them

Secondly, I’ve had some really nice comments on my posts for www.Parentdish.co.uk….and some pretty crazy ones too. It’s great to see a reaction to what you’re writing! You can find my posts for parentdish here. This story in particular had some interesting reactions.

Lastly, I’ve already booked some things for my boyfriend’s birthday, Christmas present and our anniversary, all of which land within 10 days of each other. It’s exciting for me to be able to treat him to something after he’s been so supportive of me getting into writing and being broke for quite a long time.

How has your week been?


7 Responses to “Wonderful Week”

  1. Serenaf66 Says:

    so chuffed you've had such a splendid week -maybe you should have a cupcake to celebrate? xx

  2. JJ Says:

    Aw Em this is great news, and you deserve to be so happy about it! Well done you x

  3. Siany Says:

    This post isn't smug in the slightest! You should shout about the good things!And having someone supporting you when you're just starting out is really important 🙂 Yay nice boys!

  4. InnyVinny Says:

    It was great! Especially when I got your postcard + Heat!!! You are too sweet for sending the mag! I love it. Thank you so much, babe!!-Alicia

  5. Em Says:

    Aw thank you lovelies! Hope you all have a fab weekend :)p.s glad it arrived Alicia!

  6. Piney Says:

    EAT A CUPCAKE!!! 😉

  7. Lily G. Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, doll! =)

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