60 Fun things and Dork Adore

Earlier this week I spotted a tweet from the lovely 1mgoldstars regarding a friend of hers who had worked out that after the usual holidays, family events and obligations, you have time for 60 fun things a year. 60! That sounded like a bit of a challenge to me, and I’m tempted to make this my new years resolution (I know, I know it’s still October!)

So, after a bit of brainstorming I came up with the following ideas.

*Deep Breath*

1) Attend more Salsa classes
2) Take up Yoga
3) Be a London tourist for the day
4) Visit Edinburgh
5) Visit Cardiff
6) Visit another country, even if just for a day.
7) Try sushi. Not just the cooked chicken or vegetable dishes
8) Join a tweetup
9) Take a cupcake decorating course
10) Take a course at the make lounge
11) Learn sign language
12) See Calender Girls on stage
13) See Sister Act on stage
14) See Wicked on stage
15) Watch the top 10 movies of all time.
16) Go bowling
17) Win at bowling
18) Overcome the fear and go to a Lucky Voice event
19) Go fancy dress
20) Organise a ‘come dine with me’ event with friends
21) See a few acts live
22) Buy this clutch!
23) Take a proper html/web building course
24) Wear red lipstick
25) Take up jogging
26) Give up jogging
27) Take a cocktail making class
28) Go to more Jongleurs events
29) Read more. Something that’s been relegated to the backbench since getting my netbook.
30) Learn how to sew. Properly. No more trouser hems falling down for me.
31) Write more letters. The pen and paper sort. Inspired by this
32) Paint my toenails bright pink, neon green, or gothic black.
33) Wear the gladiator sandals I bought a year ago and have never worn
34) Ditto the playsuit I bought 6 months ago
35) The high waisted jeans too. Fashion victim, moi?
36) Eat an olive, and like it.
37) Look at a lovely little place to buy with the boyfriend.
38) Learn a few basic savoury recipes off by heart
39) Watch Mad Men
40) Customise/Create an outfit
41) Find a one-off amazing clothing item in a charity shop. For a quid.
42) Try a new beauty treatment/exercise inspired by Wahanda each month
43) Go to a family wedding armed with witty retorts to “oooh haven’t you grown” and “Will it be you next? *nudge nudge*”
44) Buy more from independent designers on Folksy and Etsy then Primark.
45) Pull on some wellies and jump in some puddles.
46) Go to Glam Live
47) Watch 8 out of 10 cats live
48) Make a Giant Cupcake
49) Eat at the Fat Duck
50) Buy a lottery ticket. Frankly, half the stuff on this list will require me to win the lottery ๐Ÿ™‚
51) Try indoor skydiving. Bit safer than actual skydiving (especially if you’ve been watching Hollyoaks recently…)
52) Take a drive in a desk, a bed and a double decker on the Worlds Wackiest Racers
52) Create something every month from crafter’s dream blog Crafty Crafty
53) Buy a decent camera
54) Take more photos. Not just tipsy facebook ones.
55) Write more for the blog paper
56) Get published in the blog paper
57) Go to MsMarmiteLove’s Underground Restaurant.
58) Nearer Christmas, try some of London’s amazing ice rinks in a knitted scarf and glove ensemble.
59) Follow up with a boozy hot chocolate and slice of carrot cake, at the window of a coffee shop overlooking all the Christmas shoppers.
60) Blog more! I’ll certainly have a lot to blog about if I do all of this….

Can you think of 60 fun things? What would yours be? Let me know if you do a post on this, I’d love to hear what sort of things you’d do in a year ๐Ÿ™‚

On a side note, have you checked out Dork Adore yet?? It’s Katie Lee‘s project (one of the many project she deals with at Miramus) and I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of writing for it. Basically it’s a website full of lovely things for geeks, and was launched this week. Let me know what you think!

I’m also freelance, so if you need any writing done on anything like fashion, news and general geek stuff, please feel free to e-mail me at emma.cossey@googlemail.com.You can see a few examples of my work at Parentdish, Shoewawa, Plus-size.me, and now Dork Adore!

Finally, keep an eye out next week on my jewellery blog Bling and Buy for a massive giveaway. So far we’ve got 7 designers donating for one big prize!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Markus Rรถdder


5 Responses to “60 Fun things and Dork Adore”

  1. Alexandra Sheppard Says:

    The 60 fun things sounds like a great idea! I hope you stick to it Emma :-)P.S – There's a Lucky Voice event coming up in November, so you can cross No. 18 off the list ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Piney Says:

    Best of luck with that! I went salsa dancing a few weeks ago with some friends and it was soo much fun! The "Come Dine with me" idea sounds amazing too so think I just night give that a go! Would love to be able to make sophisticated cocktails too, so much to do….**sigh**

  3. mysterycreature Says:

    Wow what a list. And that is to do in a year?! Good luck (though it woudl be great fun!)

  4. Em Says:

    Alex: Thanks! I'm going to try and make it there but I have to go to a friend's birthday that evening too! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I loved your list, hope you manage to tick off quite a few!Piney: Quite a lot of bars do cocktail classes so might be worth getting some friends together to do it, and Red Letter day do some too! http://www.redletterdays.co.uk/Experience/Ref/VINCOmysterycreature: I might have to fit some in this year, 60 is a lot!

  5. Littleclouds Says:

    checking out Dork Adore, love the name !

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