Wedding worries: Crumble Bumble Bakery

Ever seen that TV show “Don’t tell the bride”? The basic concept centres on the groom making all the decisions for his upcoming wedding, whilst the (often scary Bridezilla) wife-to-be sits at home twiddling her thumbs.

My sister jokingly considered doing that this week.

You see, I’ve been helping her look at budgets and options for her wedding to her long term fiancee, and the sheer array of decisions to make and prices to pay is pretty overwhelming. They’re on a budget and are looking at where they can cut costs and where they need to splash out. Venues, wedding dresses and flowers are all considered to be high costs, but looking at all the different cake options can be a bit harsh on the pocket too. Some of them cost up to £900. For a cake!

Understandably you don’t want to buy a cake wreck for your wedding, but you shouldn’t have to pay through the nose either. Luckily for my sister, I discovered one of the girls I went to school with has recently launched her own cake business. Joanne launched Crumble Bumble Bakery to create wedding cakes and yummy cupcakes for a decent price, with the former starting at £150 and the latter at £1 per individual cupcake. Obviously she’s not the only person doing this, but if you’re in the Berkshire area it’s ideal as a lot of the big cake makers are based in London (and they’re quite a bit more expensive!)

Any other tips for cutting costs at a wedding (Gretna Green is not an option!)


2 Responses to “Wedding worries: Crumble Bumble Bakery”

  1. gifts for her Says:

    I wanted to say without doubt that some of the tastest cupcakes I have in a long time. The sponge is perfectly moiat, the topping is beautiful and the jammy centre was so delicious.

  2. The Wedding Directory Says:

    Yummy cake!Your blog is delicious.Berkshire Wedding Venues, brings you the plan and organise the most important day of your life.

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