Jewellery must haves

One of the benefits of Twitter is that you get to discover some great clothing, home furnishing and jewellery designers you may not have have seen before. For a while now, I’ve been following and buying from a few fantastic jewellery designers, and wanted to share them with you! They’re all lovely tweeters too, and they don’t just talk about jewellery 🙂

Love Hearts and Crosses

I bought these Lightening Bolt earrings for £7 from LHC a little while ago and I love them! They’re a little bit 80’s and they’re really lightweight. Have a look round the rest of the website and you’ll see some chic ‘I love Paris’ range and ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ products too, amongst others.

You can also follow LHC on Twitter and Facebook.

Temporary Secretary

I recently bought the green version of these mitten brooches, and I love it! It was only £6 and makes me feel excited about Christmas and the potential for snow. Temp Sec has some really lovely products which are really individual. I love these cutesy earrings and this rose ring

Find TS on Twitter and Facebook here.

This is the online store you need to visit for your bright and colourful bling. The Miss Kitty Apple Pie necklace on the left is one of a kind, so it’s limited edition as well as incredibly cute! It’s £10 and makes me a little bit hungry…

Check out the rest of the site for bright button earrings, cupcake charm bracelets, and my little pony necklaces.

Kitsch-tique has a Twitter and a Facebook too, go follow her!

Funky Junk Jewellery

I’ve blogged about Funky Junk before as I’m lucky enough to get sneak previews of some of her range. I’m due to get another sneak peak soon and hopefully will be able to share it with you!

In the meantime, have a drool over the ‘Tea with one spoon please’ earrings on the right, and this rose teapot necklace.

FJJ is on Twitter too.

YellowGoat has a gorgeous Etsy store full of really unique designs, like the Cloud 9 Headband on the left here. I love these Rainy Days Sunny Days earrings too. They’re slightly out of my price range at the moment, however she is running a competition to win a $50 cash coupon for her store.

You can follow YellowGoat on Twitter here.


Thank you hacker…

Twitter is not in the good books this week. Duplicating posts, a 4 hour blackout yesterday, and then a lovely hacker got into my account last night and got me suspended. Admittedly the hacker isn’t the fault of the Twitter people, but it’s annoying all the same.

Anyone know how long Twitter usually takes to resolve a suspension?

In the meantime, I have these to make, this to read, and this to start watching.

Life Changing Inventions for lazy girls

I’m naturally lazy. If my house had a stannah lift, I’d use it. So I love anything that makes my life easier and faster. Luckily in the last few years there have been a wide variety of inventions that have made life that little bit smoother for women. The day GHD bought out their first pair of, now legendary, hair straighteners, was the day I went from frizzy faux pas to smooth and sleek.

A couple of years before that, mobile phones really hit the mainstream, with Nokia 3210’s leading the market. Everybody had one, with competitions even kicking off for the highest score for Snake! The upside to mobiles is that it became far easier to contact family and friends, send a quick communication in the form of a text message, and the birth of ‘smileys’. The downside to mobiles is that you can be contacted wherever you are…and their invention led to the by-product of text language, developed to deal with the character limit on early phones. Students have even been known to use text language in exams. Sad but true.

For those gym dodgers (yup, me too) the gaming gods gave us the Wii. I’m happy to convince myself that jogging on the spot, pulling some salsa moves, and punching an invisible opponent counts as the same amount of exercise as sweating it out on a treadmill surrounded by 40 other sweaty people. Frankly, it’s just more fun!
Nothing makes a girl feel more glam on a night out then pulling on a pair of sexy high heels and strutting her stuff on the dance floor. Unfortunately, at 2am after several hours of dancing, my feet hate me. World of pain. So the kind people at Redfoot Revolution have come up with the idea of fold up shoes, shoes that do exactly what they say on the tin. Small enough to fit in your clutch, they’re the perfect antidote for that long walk home with a kebab.

You know someone has invented something amazing when you cant imagine how you coped before they arrived in your life. Remember a time before the SatNav? When you had to follow a map, your other halves directions or worst of all, a map your Dad scribbled down for you? Bad times. Thankfully I now have a little screen that politely asks me to “Turn right” “Turn left”. If I make a wrong turn it calmly asks me to take a U-Turn.
Which beats the mother of all arguments with your boyfriend/friend/parent when you end up in Bognor rather than Bournemouth….
YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, ASOS, PerezHilton, Flikr, Blogger, Ebay, Etsy. Without the Internet, none of these things would be around to get people through their work day, earn them money, make new friends, network, share their art or stock up their wardrobe with celeb fashion. That makes it easily my favorite invention of the last few years.

Other highlights include once a day suncream, razor heads with inclusive soap layer, DVD’s, and microwave rice 🙂