Sprinkles and Sparkles: Thanks Royal Mail :)

You know what I love about the postal strikes here in the UK? Today I had a whole batch of lovely post to play with! I’m pretty sure my postman think I have a crush on him, the amount I get excited by post. I thought I’d share some of the goodies I got with you!

(Sorry for the crappy quality, I’m having to resort to using my mobile!)

I got:

Yummy cupcake decorations from the Make a Wish Cakeshop. 
I’ve only put a few in this photo as I’m already using the snowflakes, gingerbread men, and red hearts. I have something exciting planned for the shamrocks (bottom right image) and the Xmas tree ones will come in use in a few months 🙂

Funky Junk Jewellery Review
I do a bit of reviewing for FJJ and I’m really excited about the newest item she sent me! I’ll be writing about it in a new blog I’m trying out: Bling and Buy
Benefit Goodies!
I have no idea who sent me these! A lovely surprise, especially as I’ve just run out of blusher. I got Benefit’s thrrrob blusher and a vampy ‘full-finish’ lipstick. So thank you whoever sent it!

It’s been a fab week for post really, with a postcard arriving from Dream Sequins and tickets to take my sister to the Wedding Show on Sunday arriving from This Little Lady Went To London (who has a fab fundraiser coming up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

A few more exciting things will hopefully be arriving in the next few days too, including a fairtrade goody bag from make up queen Cosmetic Candy! Go check out her blog, especially if you’re about to go splash out on make up and want an honest opinion.


Wonderful Week

*Warning* This post will be extremely cheerful. Bordering on smug. Sorry *Warning*

I’ve had a really lovely week this week. I generally have a glass half full attitude anyway but it’s been overflowing with good stuff recently!

First, I discovered that I’ll be writing a few times a week for shoewawa. I started reading it when I was at uni, when my shoe addiction really kicked in, so it’s really exciting for me to be writing for them. Here’s my first piece with them

Secondly, I’ve had some really nice comments on my posts for www.Parentdish.co.uk….and some pretty crazy ones too. It’s great to see a reaction to what you’re writing! You can find my posts for parentdish here. This story in particular had some interesting reactions.

Lastly, I’ve already booked some things for my boyfriend’s birthday, Christmas present and our anniversary, all of which land within 10 days of each other. It’s exciting for me to be able to treat him to something after he’s been so supportive of me getting into writing and being broke for quite a long time.

How has your week been?

On a diet….cupcake substitutes needed

I said in my last post that I’ve had a lot of fun putting on weight since meeting my boyfriend. That’s completely true. Currently my diet and exercise regime consists of curries, Nando’s and seeing films and shows that require me to sit on my bum for hours on end. This, coupled with becoming freelance and working from home, has led to enough weight gain to make me eye my skinny jeans with distaste. Which is a bit rubbish.

So I’m back on the weightwatchers wagon and off the takeaway curries and cupcakes. *sobs* It’s been successful in the past but I’m not a fan of the weightwatchers branded cakes and snacks, which are either incredibly small or taste of cardboard. I’ve got a few secret weapons, such as Iced Gems which are only 1.5 points, and Jaffa Cakes are always a dieters best friend.

I miss baking though, and would love to hear any low fat/low point recipes that don’t taste like cardboard. Any suggestions?

500 days of Summer

On Tuesday I dragged my friend along to the large Century Fox offices in Soho Square for an early viewing of (500) days of Summer.

After seeing a tweet from Themoviejam asking for bloggers, tweeters and social networkers to come see a free showing of the film, I eagerly volunteered my services.

I’ve seen a few trailers and really fancied seeing it, admittedly to revisit a crush I had on Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a teenager.

Settling into a giant leather seat (seriously, this showing room was so plush!) I was treated to a film that was as stylish as it was sweet and funny. The film is a gorgeous mix of normal film scenes, famous movie clips, animation, and random dance scenes. The basic storyline is that boy meets girl, falls in love….but unfortunately girl doesn’t. The film takes place over the 500 days of their relationship, jumping back and forward between the days.

Zooey Deschanel (Summer) has the best wardrobe throughout this film, all vintage dresses and cute hairstyles. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom Hanson) has aged nicely, looking pretty fit throughout the film.

Fans of the film Amelie will love this film, and there’s an element of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in there with the misunderstood lead lady character. The comedy element of the film tends to come from Tom Hanson’s best friends, particularly in the various karaoke scenes.

It’s out in September and shouldn’t definitely be on your must see list!

Budget Bedroom Makeover

When I was 14, I redecorated my room with a subtle purple paint and a silver border

Now, I’m bored and on a budget.

The basic purple walls are fine, but I think the decorations need a major update. I’m thinking posh boudoir style.

These chandelier stickers (left) from Rocket St George have exactly the kind of sophisticated boudoir look I’m going for. Without cracking my head open every time I sit up too quickly. I’d love to get these but unfortunately my ceiling is sloped so it wouldn’t really work. These (right) would be perfect though as they come in a pack of 10 so I can spread them throughout the room. Plus a pack of 10 gives me plenty of room to mess up at least 5 of the sticker applications…

Domestic Sluttery featured some amazing ‘self shelves’ (left) that I loved recently, like magical floating books. I can imagine stacking all my ‘literary classics I’ve never actually read’ books on them…and hiding my chick lit in one of these funky storage boxes from Giftmonger. Ooooh and look, there’s a similar magazine rack here! Perfect to keep my magazine whorish ways in some form of organised state.

Any other suggestions of cheap ways to update my room?

p.s I really need this in my life. Also, could someone invent something that turns the pages of my magazine or book for me? Thanks kindly.

Funky Junk Jewellery

I’ve always had a thing for funky jewellery that has a little bit of an individual style to it. Plain black top looking a little dull? Throw on a chunky necklace! Want to grab a little bit of this season’s trend without forking out for a complete outfit? Grab a tribal bracelet or nautical necklace.

Which brings me nicely to Funky Junk Jewellery. I recently became a tester for FJJ which puts me in the lucky position of trying out some of the new products before they hit the web. I’ve had my eye on a few things from them for a while, as they focus on vintage themes and funky styles. All their products are handmade in Edinburgh by their talented designer Lindsay.

This necklace (right and top) is the first of my products to test, and it’s perfect for the nautical trend currently hitting the high street. You can see the cute vintage looking charms on the right, with a couple of cute anchors and key details. Despite it looking fragile, it’s actually really durable. I’m constantly tripping over and catching myself on things and it’s survived all of that!

The cutest detail of all is the clasp. How cute is this?? Just pop the little key through the lock.

You can follow FJJ on twitter here and check out their blog here

Blog Guilt

I’ve been really bad about making time to blog recently. I recently started working part time as an Editorial Assistant for Miramus, and spending the rest of the week as an intern for The Nod. That, coupled with several busy weekends, has led to a total lack of blog posts. I love both of these jobs, but I have severe case of blog guilt too! So I’m going to aim to blog twice a week from now on.

Gonna make it up for this week with two blogs this weekend…..